Lumia Therapy Techniques Specialist Training

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Are you wanting to know more about color and light therapy. Then imagine knowing and offering Lumia Therapy to others.

Now you can take our online course anywhere in the world and use this education to increase your experiences for yourself and others.

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LUMIA THERAPY is the latest technology for color and light therapy.

Just think of the difference you will make.  We can train you and/or your organization as “LUMIA THERAPY TECHNIQUES SPECIALISTS” and/or “LUMIA THERAPY TECHNIQUES CENTERS”.

And you will receive your own placard with your name on it.

  • Increase your knowledge of color and light therapy known as Lumia Therapy.
  • Be prepared to offer your natural healing skills to others.
  • Achieve your Individual Certificate or a Certificate for your entire Wellness Center.

We personally individualize the course to your specific needs!

Becoming A Lumia Science Techniques

Lumia Science Applied Technologies has developed its latest comprehensive online course to allow people interested in the effects of color and light to become well trained Lumia Science Techniques Specialists. The main goals of this course are to allow each student to gain a clear understanding of Lumia Therapy concepts and to demonstrate proper ways of effectively using Lumia Science Equipment.

This course will emphasize the seven colors of the visible spectrum and the
effects they can have on physical, mental, and emotional states of being.

The main themes of this course are:
– Origins and properties of colored light frequencies
– Connections between the colors of the visible spectrum and the body’s
energy centers also known as Chakras
– Lumia Therapy techniques and equipment

By taking this course, you can be well on your way to becoming a
successful color light practitioner capable of safely helping yourself
and others when it comes to illness prevention, faster recovery process,
and activation of natural self-healing abilities of the body.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand what colors really are and how they work.
• Know how colored light had been used from the ancient times to the present day.

• Understand each of the seven colors of the visible spectrum and their effects.

• Become familiar with the Human Energy System.

• Learn basic connections between colors, chakras, and organs of the body.

• Know which colors can be most beneficial to use when, where, how, and why.

• Gain understanding of Lumia Science techniques.

• Know how to use color filters to achieve desired results.

• Be able not only to follow suggested color-light schedules, but also create your own.


There is no time limit, so you can study at your own pace.

There will be a few multiple choice questions to answer at the end of each
section of this course. The combined results will be counted as a portion of
your total score.

For the final evaluation, you will be asked to answer some questions in a written format.  Your answers will be reviewed by our Lumia Science Techniques expert, Zhanna Osminina – Director of Lumia Therapy and Lumia Science Training since 2006.

After successfully completing this course with a passing score of 90% or higher, you will receive your official Lumia Science Techniques Specialist recognition plaque.

Take this course online.


What Is Lumia Science
– Using electromagnetic spectrum
– Ancient knowledge and modern scientific discoveries go hand-in-hand

Lumia Science Techniques
– How does it work
– Why does it work
– What equipment can be used

Color Theory Transitioning to Color Practice
– Colors of the visible spectrum and their meanings
– Ways to apply color vibrations to balance energy
– Keys to healing with color / Complementary Pairs

Basic Understanding Of Human Energy System
– Electromagnetic spectrum in the body / Chakras
– Energy Bio-field / Aura
– Glands and their connection to the chakras



Lumia Science Techniques
– Using Lumia equipment to balance energy system
– What colors to use, when, for how long and how often
– MegaBodyLight Review
– Using Bioptron with color filters

Incorporating Lumia Science Techniques Into An Existing Business Or
– Enhancement of Services
– Additional Income Opportunities

Lumia Certification Test Review
– Best approach to take while answering questions
– Q & A 


Practicum ( Using Equipment Available )
– Demonstrate your understanding of Lumia Science concepts
– Using Lumia Science Techniques
– Using color filters

Role Play With Suggested Scenarios
– I will be your “client” describing my “issues” and looking for your suggested assistance
– You could have a friend there to pretend to be your client for demonstration purposes
– You could use your body to demonstrate the color and light application techniques

Training Overview
– Going over covered material
– Suggested reading and helpful links
– Last minute Q & A


Then you will be ready to complete and submit the certification test.

Your score will be sent to you upon careful test review. You will receive your Lumia Science Techniques Specialist Certificate if your score is 90 – 100 points.


Please purchase your registration online prior to the date of the first session to receive access to the ONLINE classroom.

If you have a need to discuss any technical details or wish to register over the phone, please contact us directly (800) 553-5554

Highest regards!

Zhanna Osminina
Director of Lumia Training