Lumia Therapy Poster

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Chakras & Colors Poster

  • 7 Chakra Color listings with Association, Hormonal Stimulus and Physiological Response attributes
  • Quick reference for yourself and your clients
  • 24" x 36" large to compliment any healing and/or wellness room

Lumia Therapy is the fusion of light and color therapies.  While being a safe and effective new form of energy healing, Lumia Therapy combines holistic healing principles with cutting edge technology to safely deliver amazing healing power of color vibrations at the speed of light.

Lumia Therapy utilizes various color frequencies of polarized light to balance the energy levels in the body.  These frequencies of light are controlled by color filters.  This Poster clearly shows which color filter or "Chakra" is applied and which area of the body receives the most benefit as per the studies and conclusions of Dinshah P. Ghadiali.

Each color of the spectrum has a unique vibration.  Our bodies are made to process these vibrations as bio-information that is vital to our ability to heal ourselves.  Lumia Therapy can be used to treat many conditions and also to prevent possible illness.

This Poster, combined with the latest version of the Lumia Therapy 2021manual, will aid you in education and practice.

The Poster is also inspired by 20 years of data collection from numerous professional color and light therapists.  Be ready at a moments notice by referring to this Poster for the correct Chakra color during a Lumia Therapy session.

Each Chakra color is highlighted and shown in detail.