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WHY Lumia Therapy

In 2000 there was hydro-therapy, aroma therapy, and even La Stone.  At the same time, there was a discipline called color and light therapy, not very original nor unique.  So Lumia Science standardized it with “Lumia Therapy”.  Lumia Therapy is the introduction and application of color and light therapy on the body and we are committed to applying the sciences along with the rejuvenative qualities.

Increase health and beauty benefits

The polarized light emitted by BIOPTRON treats a wide range of medical and cosmetic applications, by stimulating blood circulation and tissue regeneration, while also reducing inflammation.

relieves chronic pain

Bioptron safely treat arthritus, neck and back pain by stimulating blood circulation, reducing inflamation and preventing muscle spasm. For just 10 minutes a day, our life-transforming technology offers the highest level of pain relief by reaching deep into joints, muscles and ligaments.

Bioptron and the Coronavirus

INFLUENZA prophylaxis and correction by BIOPTRON light influence AntiFlu Light options: New research has just become available. Bioptron is proven to strengthen and support your immune system.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I was feeling melancholy and just not my best. After just 2 treatments with the Bioptron, I was a new woman. Try it for yourself. It's amazing!
— Karen Sullivan
Customer reviews
I have arthritis. It's embarrassing and it sucks. Bioptron MedAll relieves some of my achey pain and I am so desperately grateful.
— Joe Kekoa
Customer reviews
there is nothing like light therapy. It's comforting and it works. Wish I knew about it years ago when I first got MD.
— Adam Birdseed