YouTHron® / MedAll®-Bioptron COLOUR THERAPY with YouTHron Adapter KIT

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By Zepter

The BIOPTRON YouThron®MedAll® Colour Therapy Set consists of 7 high-quality, colored filters, which correspond to the seven colors of sunlight and simultaneously to the seven energy centers of our body, (Chakras).  The set includes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet colored filters which transfer impulses through an interaction of color and light.  Works together to enhance any Lumia Therapy session.

These filters were originally designed for the Bioptron Compact 3 and will make a direct fit to your YouThron®MedAll® via the adapter (included).  Comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case.

They are hand-made in our French factory enriched during the production process with bio-information*.  Using biophysical methods and devices, the Zurich-based institute for Bio-information has been developing highly structured regenerative information patterns for years.  These patterns are obtained from plants, precious stones, metals, minerals, trace elements as well as inert gases, fermenting substances and more.

* The Indigo filter is not bio-informed.


7 Bio-informed Colour Filters

YouTHron®MedAll® colour filter Adapter



Health depends not only on how we balance our physical needs, but also our emotional, mental and spiritual ones. The color chakra therapy principle is based on the assumption that colors are associated with seven main chakras, which are spiritual centers in our bodies. Each is associated with a specific organ or system in the body and has a dominant color. If the chakra point becomes imbalanced it can cause a disorder which can have physical ramifications. By introducing the appropriate color the balance is reinstated.

Product Benefits:

•    A single unit emits a broad range of light wavelengths at a constant intensity for safe light therapy, thereby providing effective, clinically proved solutions for wound healing and pain treatment;
•    Has no known side effects;
•    Can be used both in the clinical setting and in the patient’s home;
•    Developed and produced by BIOPTRON AG, Switzerland;
•    BIOPTRON’s technology is endorsed and used by leading physicians in major universities and clinics across five continents.